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Laundry Packet Safety

2017 Consumer Research - Laundry Packet Safety

2015 Consumer Research - Storing Laundry Packets

2014 Consumer Research - Liquid Laundry Packets and Children's Safety

Cleaning Habits Surveys

Survey Results: Americans Spend Nearly Six Hours Each Week Cleaning But Wonder, Is It Enough?

2018 Survey: What's Cleaned Most? Tidying the Toilet is Number One!

2010 Survey: Americans Making Changes in How They Clean Their Homes and Wash Their Clothes

Survey: Two-Thirds of Americans Concerned About H1N1, But Most Don’t Change Hygiene Habits

2008 SDA Survey: Wipes Usage on the Rise

2008 Survey Finds Happiness is...Shiny Floors and Tidy Toilets?

Americans’ Concern for Skin Infections, Flu, Spreads Across the Country -- Surface Cleaning, Disinfecting, Hand Hygiene Play Critical Role in Infection Control

2006 Survey Finds Countertops Top Weekly Cleaning List

2005 Summer Vacation Cleaning Survey: Special Cleanliness Report: When Good Vacations Go Bad -- Survey Reveals Our Most Likely "Vacation Spots"

2005 Cleaning Survey: Survey Reveals Why People Are Wild About Wipes

2004 Flu Season Research Findings - Germ-Ridden Desks Can Lead To An Absentee Workforce

Cleaning Product Safety

2010 Survey: Consumers Show Strong Confidence in Cleaning Product Safety

2008 Survey: 85% of Americans Say Cleaning Products Are Safe When Used as Directed

2006 Survey: Americans Say Cleaning Products Are Safe When Used As Directed

Handwashing Surveys

2011 Parent and Child Handwashing Survey

2010 ACI ASM Handwashing Study

2009 Clean Hands Report Card® – Americans Get a "B-" on Hand Hygiene

2008 Clean Hands Report Card®: Americans Still Get a "C-"

Spring Cleaning Surveys

2018 Spring Cleaning Survey Results: When it Comes to Cleaning, Spring is Still King

2013 Spring Cleaning Survey Reveals Consumers "Dirty" Little Secrets

2012 Survey: Windows, Blinds, Curtains & Carpets: Top Targets for Spring Cleaners

2011 Survey: Y Men and Women Spring Clean

2010 Survey: Removing Clutter is the Top Spring Cleaning Priority

2009 Spring Cleaning Survey: Economic Conditions Stimulate Change in Spring Cleaning Behaviors

2008 Spring Cleaning Survey: 77% Say They Spring Clean; Respondents List Top Cleaning Tasks, What They'd Give Up for Someone Else to do the Cleaning

2007 Spring Cleaning Survey: Is Your Home Guest-Ready or Guest-Grimy?

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