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The U.S. Oleochemical industry is the original "green" chemistry and has historically supplied raw materials used in the manufacture of cleaning products. Federal biofuels policies, via tax incentives and the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS2), provide an economic disadvantage to these traditional uses. The American Cleaning Institute (ACI) works to restore equitable access to feedstocks used in both the production of soaps and detergents and biofuels.

A Path Forward:

Prior to adjournment of the 115th Congress (2017-2018) the House of Representatives passed HR. 88, which provides a new path forward for biodiesel tax credits that use animal fats as a feedstock.  The legislation, proposed by House Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady (TX-08), extended the Biodiesel and Renewable Diesel income tax credit and established an eventual phase-out.  The $1.00 per gallon credit for biodiesel production was extended through 2021 and then phased out over the following years: 2022 to $0.75, 2023 to $0.50, and 2024 to $0.33. The legislation specifies that "no credit is available for biodiesel used or sold after 2024."

Representative Brady’s legislation acknowledges the market disadvantage the tax credit places on producers of oleochemicals and seeks to correct this inequity.  The Senate ultimately did not consider HR. 88 prior to adjournment and the Biodiesel and Renewable Diesel income tax credit remains lapsed since it was not extended beyond December 31, 2017.

ACI’s advocacy efforts over the years has sought to restore equitable market access for ACI members who rely on oleochemicals and have not benefitted from any similar government subsidy.  To that end, ACI successfully worked with Representative Randy Weber (TX-14) to introduce HR. 1866 (115th Congress), the Stop Animal Fat Tax Credits Act of 2017, which would have eliminated the tax credit for biodiesel produced using animal fats.  Congress has finally identified a predictable path forward for the phase-out of this subsidy.  Any reauthorization of the biodiesel tax credit should reestablish equitable market access through a phase-out or restricting tax credits for biodiesel produced with animal fats.



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