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Antibacterial News Releases/Statements


June 14, 2017: Manufacturers Help Infection Control Experts Make Sense of FDA Rules on Antiseptic Ingredients


October 21, 2016: Protecting Consumer Access to Antibacterial Soap

September 2, 2016: ACI Statement on FDA Consumer Rule on Antibacterial Soaps


November 2, 2015: ACI Urges FDA to Preserve Critical Healthcare Antibacterial Products, Ingredients

April 30, 2015: ACI Responds to Proposed FDA Rules on Healthcare Antibacterial Products


November 19, 2014: ACI: Analysis of Research on Antibacterial Ingredient "Distorts and Misrepresents" Safe Use of Triclosan

September 3, 2014: FDA Limits on Antibacterial Healthcare Ingredients Could Put Patients, Employee Safety at Risk

June 23, 2014: ACI to FDA: Antibacterial Ingredients Play Beneficial Role in Hygiene and Health for Millions

June 16, 2014: FDA Rule Could End Consumer Access to Antibacterial Soaps

June 2, 2014: Setting the Record Straight on Minnesota’s Triclosan Debate

May 20, 2014: Minnesota Law Will Take Beneficial Antibacterial Products "Off the Shelves"

April 15, 2014: Study Demonstrates that Antibacterial Soaps Can Reduce Risk of Foodborne Illness

March 18, 2014: Misinformation fuels fears about triclosan (ACI op/ed column in the Minneapolis Star Tribune)


December 16, 2013: Statement on FDA Proposed Rules – Antibacterial Soaps

January 24, 2014: ACI: Research, Reports on Antibacterial Ingredient Distorted


August 14, 2012: Research on Key Antibacterial Ingredient Distorts Real-World Use

March 30, 2012: American Cleaning Institute Statement: Canadian Government Review of Triclosan


November 17, 2011: Study: Significant Reduction in Bacteria When Using Antibacterial Soap vs. Non-Antibacterial Soap

October 4, 2011: Study Confirms No Link Between Real World Use of Antibacterial Soaps and Antibiotic Resistance

April 27, 2011: New Website Launched for the Facts on Antibacterial Soaps:

April 11, 2011: EPA Should Reject Petition to Ban Key Antibacterial Chemical, Says ACI

January 18, 2011: Poll: Americans Oppose Efforts to Limit Access to Antibacterial Soaps


December 22, 2010: ACI Responds to Challenges on Effectiveness, Safety of Antibacterial Products, Ingredients

November 30, 2010: "Too Clean" Hype Doesn’t Help: ACI Refutes Researcher Mythmaking on Hygiene Hypothesis

April 8, 2010: Response to Challenges on Effectiveness, Safety of Antibacterial Ingredient

2009 and Prior

June 29, 2009: Fear-Mongering on Triclosan Research Needs a Dose of Reality

August 21, 2007: Attack on Antibacterial Soaps? Nothing New to Report

July 19, 2007: Turn Off the False Alarm: Triclosan Used Safely, Effectively

March 22 , 2007: SDA: Perspective Needed on Antibacterial Ingredient Study

May 25, 2006: Setting the Record Straight on Triclocarban Research

October 20, 2005: SDA/CTFA Executive Summary, FDA Nonprescription Drugs Advisory Committee meeting on the safety and efficacy of topical antimicrobial products

October 20, 2005: FDA Told That Antibacterial Products Play Invaluable Role in Everyday Lives of Consumers

October 18, 2005: Statement of the SDA/CTFA Topical Antimicrobial Coalition Regarding This Week’s FDA NDAC Hearing

April 15, 2005: Triclosan-Containing Cleaning Products Have 30+ Year Track Record of Safety, Effectiveness; Virginia Tech Research Rebuffed

December 22, 2004: SDA Responds to Activist Group’s "False Alarm" on Key Antibacterial Ingredient

March 5, 2004: SDA/CTFA Response to Antibacterial Products Research Published in Annals of Internal Medicine

September 3, 2003: No Real World Evidence Tying Antimicrobial Products to Antibiotic Resistance, FDA Told

May 23, 2003: Coalition Provides FDA With Additional Data in Support of Consumer Antibacterial Products

January 17, 2003: SDA/CTFA Coalition Petitions FDA to Allow Anti-Viral Labeling on Qualifying OTC Products

October 23, 2002: Proper Perspective Needed on Antibacterial Studies - Antibacterial Hand Soaps, When Properly Used, are Effective at Reducing the Risk of Infection

July 27, 2000: Joint SDA/CTFA Statement: Unnecessary Antibiotic Prescriptions, Not Antibacterial Soaps Are Real Cause of Bacterial Resistance

June 14, 2000: Discussion by American Medical Association a Boon to Bacteria, a Bust for Consumers -- CTFA/SDA Say 

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