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ACI Cold & Flu Toolkit

Join forces with ACI to share handwashing education messages!

The American Cleaning Institute has been working to enhance health and the quality of life since 1926 and we are proud of our long standing tradition of educating the public about handwashing and cold and flu prevention!

Like you, we care about individuals, families and well-being. Now more than ever, we need to join forces to educate your students, faculty and parents about good hygiene behaviors.

ACI is making it easy, by providing non-branded, accurate and science-based, information to you for your use. We encourage you to use these materials and messages in your social media efforts, newsletters, programs, websites and radio shows to help others understand the vital link between health and hygiene in your community.

Educate others about good hygiene during cold and flu season! Share our FREE posters and brochures.Click images below to download your digital copy our hygiene messages and share these with others.

Activity Sheets And Posters

Finger Tips Infographic

Germs don’t go on vacation!
St Patricks Day Flyer
Keep Germs Away on St. Patrick's Day
Raise a Hand for Hygiene
Raise a Hand for Hygiene
Dont Do the Flu Keep germs Away
Help Keep Germs Away During Halloween Season!
Clean Paws
Keep Germs Away During the Holiday Season!
2009 clean hands week poster CHCHandsPoster5 Healthy Schools Healthy People Its a SNAP Poster 08 poster
handwashing handwashing spanish don't hand those germs to me Clean Hands Flyer 2
handwashing english handwashing spanish

Brochures, Bookmarks & Fact Sheets

08 English brochure 08 Spanish brochure HealthySchoolsBookmark 
Handwashing Bookmark Handwashing Bookmark Spanish   


For 3 to 6 year olds:

School Handwashing Program:

Hooray for Handwashing
Hooray for Handwashing storybook

 Healthy Schools, Healthy People, It's a SNAP!

Additional Resources