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1,750 Pairs of Gloves & Mittens
Collected To-Date

ACI Staff with gloves

ACI staff with collected gloves and mittens (L to R): Helen Benz, Ernie Rosenberg, Gail Tannenbaum, Shawnte' Furbush-Jones, Helen Douglas, Sandra Andrade, Martha Chapin and Nancy Bock (click photo to enlarge).

The "Warm Hands, Warm Hearts" project launched by the American Cleaning Institute® (ACI) and the American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences (AAFCS) has gathered 1,750 pairs of gloves, mittens from across the United States and Canada. The donations along with hand soap from ACI will be sent to families in New Jersey, one of the hardest hit areas by Superstorm Sandy.

"We applaud the work of all of the organizations who have provided relief to those affected by Superstorm Sandy," said Nancy Bock, ACI Senior Vice President of Education. "But we know there are tens of thousands of people still struggling to recover from the aftereffects of those storms. And we want to do our part to provide education, care and support to those in need.

"With the cold weather upon us, we’re asking the public to donate gloves and mittens that can be sent directly to families affected by Sandy along with bars of soap gathered by ACI."

"We are pleased to partner with ACI to collect gloves and mittens for individuals and families affected by Superstorm Sandy," said Carolyn W. Jackson, CFCS, AAFCS Executive Director. "I know our national network of family and consumer sciences professionals will be ready to help touch the lives of those who continue to struggle with the cleanup and loss during the frigid winter months."

The American Cleaning Institute® (ACI) is the Home of the U.S. Cleaning Products Industry® and represents the $30 billion U.S. cleaning products market. ACI members include the formulators of soaps, detergents, and general cleaning products used in household, commercial, industrial and institutional settings; companies that supply ingredients and finished packaging for these products; and oleochemical producers. ACI ( and its members are dedicated to improving health and the quality of life through sustainable cleaning products and practices.

AAFCS Staff Photo
AAFCS staff with collected gloves and mittens
(L to R): John Lord, Steve DonTigny, Aretha Montgomery, Roxana Ayona and Gwynn Mason. (click photo to enlarge).
Based in the Washington, D.C. area, AAFCS is the only professional association for family and consumer sciences students and professionals from both multiple practice settings and content areas. For more than 100 years, AAFCS has focused our mission on providing leadership and support for professionals whose work assists individuals, families, and communities in making more informed decisions about their well-being, relationships, and resources to achieve optimal quality of life. Our members provide research-based knowledge about the topics of everyday life, including human development, personal and family finance, housing and interior design, food science, nutrition and wellness, textiles and apparel, and consumer issues. They are early childhood, elementary, secondary, university/college, and Extension educators, administrators and managers, human service professionals, researchers, community volunteers, business people, and consultants who create integrated solutions to complex social and economic challenges.


Thanks to our Contributors!

Helen Douglas (Washington, DC)
Martha Chapin (Fairfax, VA)
Nancy Bock (Annandale, VA)
Helen Benz (Mount Vernon, VA)
Sandy Andrade (Alexandria, VA)
John & Joanne Collins (Greenbush, NY)
Theresa Phillips (Oneida, NY)
Beverly J. Braun (Green Bay, WI)
Kathryn A. Kemp (Naperville, IL)
Eric Perkins (Hagerstown, MD)
Melissa Bernardo (Alexandria, VA)
Brian Sansoni (MD)
Doug Troutman (Silverspring, MD)
Sue Byrd (Martin, TN)
Ernie Rosenberg (Mclean, VA)
Donna Graham (Spokane Valley, WA)
Carol Miller (Springfield, OH)
Kathleen Norquist (Wyoming, MN)
Jane Landis (Elizabethtown, PA)
Lois Clark (Wapakoneta, OHC.)
Perdue Student Unit of AAFCS  (West Lafayette, IN)
University of Kentucky (Mt. Sterling, KY)
Nancy Sampson (N. Bloomfield, OH)
Riffenburgh Elementary (Fort Collins, CO)
Betty Ford (St. Paul, MN)
Allen Rathey (Boise, ID)
FCCLA Chapter of Smackover Public Schools (Smackover, AR)
Oklahoma Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (Ada, OK)
Eleanor Cavanah (Jacksonville, FL)
CCSPA (Ottawa, ON Canada)
Karen Smith (Farmingville, NY)
Eden High School FCCLA Chapter (Eden, TX)
Laura Roth (Wellston, OH)
Nixon-Smiley High School FCCLA Chapter (Nixon, TX)
Elkton School FCCLA Chapter (Elkton, SD)
Croda, Inc. (Edison, NJ)
Katherine Eudres (Blandon, PA)
New Union Elementary School (Manchester, TN)
Adair County Extension Homemaker’s Association (Columbia, KY)
Berlin High FCCLA (Berlin, NH)
Katie Henson (Grapevine, TX)
Gail Tannenbaum (Falls Church, VA)
Julie Martin (Stevens Point, WI)
Ingleside FCCLA (Ingleside, TX)
Waxahachie High School (Waxahachie, TX)
Palm Beach County Cooperative Extension Service (West Palm Beach, FL)
Wisconsin Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (Stevens Point, WI)
R. L. Paschal High School FCCLA Chapter (Fort Worth, TX)
East Ridge High School Key Club (Woodbury, MN)
Rule FCCLA Chapter (Rule, TX)
Kappa Gamma Sigma (Kappa Omicron Nu) Chapter of South Carolina State University (Orangeburg, SC)