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Videos: Be the KEY to a Safe Laundry Room and Routine

WE TV Home Safety Video

Are you maintaining a healthy and safe home? Michelle Yarn shares tips on ensuring you keep a safe home by properly storing and using liquid laundry packets. SHARE this video with your friends and family and help ACI prevent accidents involving children and detergent packets.

Laundry Packet Safety PSA: 60 seconds

Are you storing your liquid laundry packets properly? Check out our new PSA (60 second above, 30 second below) and spread the word about the importance of a safe laundry room routine. SHARE this video with your friends and family and help ACI prevent accidents involving liquid laundry packets!

Laundry Packet Safety PSA: 30 seconds

Laundry Packet Hazards. Are your children safe?

Keep Children Safe! You can prevent laundry packet accidents. Laundry packets (also referred to as as laundry pods or pacs) contain highly concentrated laundry detergent and can pose serious harm if children are given access. Always store laundry packets out of reach and sight and keep them in their original container/pouch. Watch our video to ensure your children are safe!

Spanish Video: Peligro con paquetes de detergente. ¿Estan seguros sus hijos?

Mantener a los niños seguros! Usted puede prevenir los accidentes de paquetes de lavandería. Paquetes de ropa contienen detergente altamente concentrado y pueden suponer un daño grave si los niños se les da acceso. Siempre guarde los paquetes de lavado fuera del alcance y de la vista y mantenerlos en su envase / estuche originales. Vea nuestro vídeo para asegurarse de que sus hijos están a salvo!

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