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Germ Hot-Spots: Fighting Flu at Home

Flu germs can live longer than other germs on surfaces. So, don’t let your frequently touched home surfaces provide a friendly environment for these nasty culprits!

Cleaning Hot Spots door knob

Clean and disinfect these surfaces regularly, using EPA-registered disinfectant sprays or wipes (for items that are not impermeable, like TV remote controls, use wipes or spray a clean cloth with disinfectant, then wipe the item).

Don’t forget these top hot spots:

  • Light switches
  • Doorknobs
  • Faucet handles
  • Drawer pulls
  • Remote controls
  • Other surfaces that everybody touches

Disinfecting: In a Nutshell

Household disinfectants and antibacterial household cleaning products are formulated to kill a wide variety of microorganisms that can live on inanimate surfaces, including flu germs. The specific organisms a product kills depends on its active ingredients, specific formulation and use instructions. So, always read the product label to see what viruses and/or bacteria it kills.

Products that claim to kill germs must meet efficacy requirements and guidelines established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and must be registered with EPA and carry an EPA registration number on their label.

  • Read and follow label directions at all times. Disinfectants and disinfectant cleaners are the only products that kill germs—but they only work if the label directions are followed.
  • For quick, frequent cleaning, keep pop-up disinfectant wipes within easy reach, particularly in the kitchen and bathroom.
  • When storing these and any cleaning products, be sure to choose a location that is accessible to adults but not children.