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Clean Ideas: Practice Sustainability at Work

sustainability recycle at workMany workplaces are adopting sustainable practices, measuring their carbon footprint, waste and water and energy use. The American Cleaning Institute offers these ideas for doing your part for being sustainable at work.

  • Place a recycling bin/empty box near your workspace for papers, paperboard, and other recyclables (check local codes for "co-mingling"/mixing recyclables).
  • Ensure that your cafeteria/kitchen includes bins for clean recyclables like water bottles, rinsed soft drink cans and take-out containers, and clean paperboard from microwavable meals.
  • Be "thrifty" with printing. If it’s readable on screen, don’t print it out. Or if you must, print "duplex" (on both sides of the paper) if your printer offers this feature.
  • Recycle your ink cartridges. Many vendors offer a credit, or "points," for returning used cartridges. Make this a standard practice at work!
  • Bring your own bag. This is not just for bringing your own shopping bags when you go grocery shopping. You can bring your own bag when buying lunch to go.
  • Choose reusable. Pack a cloth napkin when you pack you lunch. Ask your office to use coffee mugs and regular flat ware and cups instead of plastic.

Check your local recycling requirements, and download the Recycle It brochure to learn more about types of recyclable materials.