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Clean Living at School

Keeping clean and healthy when you are not at home is important. This section includes tips for students and custodians to share to stay clean at school.

Kids Corner 

Student resources about the history and science of soaps and detergents, the art and science of bubbles, and keeping a clean  world are in this section.

Healthy Schools, Healthy People, It’s a SNAP! 

Healthy School Healthy People Logo RevThe School Network for Absenteeism Prevention (SNAP) program seeks to improve hand hygiene habits among students K-12 to help prevent the spread of infectious disease and reduce related absenteeism. Learn how students across the country have transformed "boring or handwashing" into engaging and effective lessons for their classmates, teachers and communities.

Hooray for Handwashing 

Hand hygiene at school begins before children can read and write. Teach preschoolers about the importance of clean hands with the Hooray for Handwashing story, songs and coloring sheets.

Art & Science of Bubbles 

Ever wonder why bubbles pop or if you can make a square one? This section includes bubble recipes, magic and much more.

Clean Hands 

Kids get dirty, it's true... but cleaning your hands before eating and after using the restroom can help you stay healthy. Learn when, why and how you should clean your hands.

Soaps & Detergents: History, Chemistry, Safety 

The origins of personal cleanliness date back to prehistoric times. Learn more about the History, Chemistry, Safety, Products & Ingredients and Manufacturing of soaps and detergents.

Taking it to the Streets 

ACI partners with AAFCS to educate individuals, families and communities about H1N1 prevention.

Art Gallery

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St Patrick's Day Handwashing Poster
 St. Patrick's Day Art Gallery!
Dont Do the Flu close up 
Don't Do the Flu Art Gallery!
Santa Paws Closeup
Clean Your Paws for Santa Claus Art Gallery!