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Q. I love biking to work but sometimes get grease stains on my pants. How can I treat the stain without a washing machine? (Or spare pants!)

A. Grease stains and other spots can be taken care of (or at least minimized) until you have a chance to go home and do laundry. Before you do anything - be sure to read the fabric care label. If you don’t have a stain stick or wipe handy, try dabbing a very small amount of liquid hand soap on the spot with your finger tip or towel, working from the outside in. Scrub gently with your fingernail if necessary! Rinse the soap by blotting with a towel dampened with water (hot water for grease stains, cold for most others). Blot the wet area with a dry towel until dry enough to emerge from the bathroom and get back to work!