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Find Out How Companies Benefit from ACI Membership

The American Cleaning Institute ® (ACI) is the Home of the U.S. Cleaning Products Industry™.

ACI serves the growth and innovation of the U.S. cleaning products industry by advancing the health and quality of life of people and protecting our planet. ACI achieves this through a continuous commitment to sound science and being a credible voice for the cleaning products industry.

Who Can Join ACI?

Membership is open to manufacturers and marketers of household, industrial and institutional cleaning products, their ingredients, and finished packaging; oleochemical producers; and chemical distributors to the cleaning product industry who have any measurable U.S. sales.

Membership Benefits

Membership in ACI gives you:
  • High-Level Business Interaction and Networking
    • ACI’s Annual Convention is the Industry’s Most Effective and Efficient Forum for Sales, Marketing, and Business Planning
  • Year-Round Focus on Protecting Your Right to Formulate, Innovate and Compete in Today’s Global Marketplace
    • ACI’s Advocacy Protects Your Intellectual Property, Product Category Reputation, and Ability to Bring Products to Market
  • Effective, Science-Based Product and Ingredient Defense
    • With Unprecedented Attacks on Products and Ingredients, ACI is in Your Corner with the Science to Support Critical Industry Positions
  • A Seat at the Table to Address your Priority Issues
    • ACI’s Expert Committees Give You Year-Round Opportunities to Learn, Stay Informed, and Grow Your Business
  • Opportunities to Showcase Your Company’s Efforts on Sustainability
    • ACI’s External Outreach Puts the Spotlight on the Contributions of the Cleaning Products Industry
  • Up-to-Date Industry Information, Outreach and Analysis
    • ACI Provides You With Real-Time Updates on the Issues that Matter to Your Company
  • Unparalleled Forums and Partnerships to Reach Consumers and Thought Leaders
    • ACI’s Valued Alliances Can Open Doors for Your Company Across the U.S. and Around the Globe
For details on specific membership qualifications and dues categories, contact us at or contact Brian Sansoni, Vice President of Membership, at (202) 662-2517.
Read more below on how ACI provides benefits year-round to our member companies: