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Clean the World

Clean the WorldClean the World collects discarded soaps, shampoos, conditioners and other hygiene products from participating hotels and hospitality partners. By providing something as basic as soap for hand washing, Clean the World is helping to prevent disease and avoidable death in areas where essentials for cleanliness are otherwise not readily available. The group recycles cleaning products from more than 1 million hotel rooms each day, said CEO Shawn Seipler and has diverted 20 million pounds of waste out of landfills and groundwater systemsand sent 40 million bars of soap to people in 115 countries.

"A partnership with ACI helps introduce influential people and companies to Clean the World’s mission – recycling soap, saving lives – while helping to broaden Clean the World’s adoption within the hospitality industry," says Matt Gomez, director of marketing and communications for Clean the World. "The partnership provides excellent education about the importance of hand washing and other positive hygiene habits, while also supporting Clean the World’s efforts to collect, recycle and distribute soaps from hospitality partners throughout the world. The goal is to improve health and living conditions for people around the world."