Cleaning Product
Ingredient Safety Initiative (CPISI)

The ACI Cleaning Product Ingredient Safety Initiative (CPISI) is an online database designed to serve as a resource for accessing and understanding information related to the safety of ingredients used in household cleaning products. It is designed to be transparent by linking safety assessment data from publicly available data sources to the ingredients used in these products. CPISI further illustrates how publicly available safety data can be incorporated into a risk assessment methodology for household cleaning product ingredients.

CPISI provides the following:

• A searchable inventory of ingredients in U.S. household cleaning products produced by members of ACI (as of the most recent product survey in 2012)
• Exposure information for each ingredient within each product category in which it is used
• Hazard information for each ingredient
• No-effect values derived from regulatory benchmarks, published assessments, or available hazard data for oral, dermal, and inhalation exposure pathways (where these could be derived) applicable to potential systemic, reproductive, or developmental impacts from daily exposure

To demonstrate that the aforementioned data can be incorporated into basic risk evaluations, ACI either conducted screening-level risk assessments or cited published assessments for each ingredient. Please note these assessments are presented for illustrative purposes only and should not replace a robust risk assessment.

ACI makes no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the results obtained from the use of this data, and neither ACI nor its members shall have any liability for the accuracy or applicability of any information on this web site. While public data sources can be of value, it is necessary to assess products pursuant to all applicable scientific and regulatory standards.