The American Cleaning Institute and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have sponsored the Annual Awards Program for Healthy Schools, Healthy People, It’s a SNAP since 2003. We encourage students to learn about healthy hand hygiene habits and teach others the importance of handwashing. The top classroom will receive an all-expense paid trip for three to Washington, D.C. or Atlanta, Georgia to meet with leaders from CDC, ACI, industry and Capitol Hill.

Here’s a dozen award-worthy campaign ideas:

  1. Read to younger students 
  2. Have a video contest 
  3. Produce a school play 
  4. Teach younger students 
  5. Create hands-on activities 
  6. Create a scientific-study 
  7. Write a rap song 
  8. Make a funny video 
  9. Make an educational video 
  10. Work handwashing info into math, science and art lessons 
  11. Create multi-language posters 
  12. Teach others how to wash hands correctly

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