Apply Now | Deadline is February 7

What to submit:

1. Complete School Information

  • Name

  • Class Name & Period

  • School Name

  • School Street Address, City, State, Zip Code

  • School Telephone, Fax, and E-mail Address

2. A one-page Summary Report of Handwashing Project including how you implemented the key handwashing messages.

3. Supporting Information— pictures, links, blogs, articles, posters, videos*, etc.

*Any video submitted should be less than 5 minutes.

Electronic submission is strongly encouraged. Email projects and complete school information to:


Click on the links below for a printable PDF version of the materials.

The Fine Print…

1. The Awards Recognition program is intended for educational purposes and is open to all public/private K-12 schools in the states, territories and tribes within the US.
2. School projects, activities or campaigns that are being submitted for consideration in the national recognition program should be original.
3. One project per classroom will be accepted. More than one classroom per school may apply.
4. The project and complete school information must be submitted no later than February 7th.
5. Projects and complete school information should be submitted to 
• Electronic submissions are strongly encouraged.
• If you need to mail materials, please send to:
Healthy Schools, Healthy People, It’s a SNAP!
1331 L Street NW, Suite 650
Washington, DC 20005
• FAX: 202-347-4110
6. The team must submit a 1 page summary describing the project, activity or campaign
• Include supporting materials and tools (such as pictures, links, blogs, articles, posters, videos*) created for your program
• Use of social media (web, tv, radio, newspaper) is strongly encouraged
• Any video submitted should be less than 5 minutes 
7. Projects will be evaluated on the following:
• Creativity
• Ability for other schools or communities to replicate your project
• Evidence of teamwork
• Adherence to guidelines (must use key handwashing messages at
• Program impact: How many others (students, family, friends, etc.) did you share the key handwashing messages with? What are your ideas for sharing the handwashing messages in the future?
8. Only one award per school will be given per year.
9. All decisions in the selection process are final. One project will be selected to receive the national award. In some circumstances, exceptional runner-up projects may also be recognized. Students who have previously earned the national award are eligible for an alumni award.
10. The national award recipient school will receive an all-expense paid trip for three to meet with leaders from ACI, the cleaning products industry and their representatives on Capitol Hill. Trip location typically to Washington, DC or Atlanta, GA.
11. Runner-up recipients will receive a cash award of $1000.
12. The award recipients will be required to give ACI/CDC permission to use their project, activity or campaign idea for educational purposes and to sign a photo release.
13. National award recipients will be notified by the end of March.
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